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Spoppin! is a service that connects users with the best restaurants, bars & night clubs.

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About Spoppin!

Spoppin! is a social network that keeps you informed about the most popular restaurants, bars & night clubs in your city.

The problem with most rating services is that their metrics are based on historic data. What's wrong with that? Well, a restaurant with a 5 star rating on average may not necessarily be the best restaurant at this very moment. Same goes for bars when it comes to drinks at happy hour, and night clubs when you're trying to get your dance on. With Spoppin!, ratings are real-time, category-specific and prioritized by those from your friends. All ratings are reset each day so you know you always have the latest information and not basing your decisions off stale data.


Points System

There are a number of ways to earn points through the app. At the end of each month, the user with the most points over 1000, will receive a gift card of up to $10.

  • 2 points for rating venues
  • 3 points for posting photos
  • 5 points for adding a venue
  • 10 points for referrals

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Follow Friends

What FOMO? Follow your friends, get notified when they rate venues and join the fun.

Earn Points

Rack up points by rating venues and earn rewards.

Context Aware

The most relevant venues are always displayed first. If it's not Spoppin!, why bother?